If Hillary is a witch than who is the wizard?

Although Julian Assange appears on the crystal ball, and it kinda looks like Tim Kaine is a flying monkey, it is unclear who exactly the wizard is in Ben Garrison’s cartoon. Hillary’s husband is the obvious possibility. Interestingly, the flying monkeys outside the window are drones. Where they are flying, against whom, is not revealed. In unlocking the original Baum parody from 1896, everything had significance, including the poppy field, the yellow brick road and the Emerald City. In Loren Spivack’s new take on the classic, called the Wizard of IZ, all the characters and places have new metaphorical significance in Hillary’s America; e.g. Munchkin land has been transformed to the Land of the Freelunchkins, and they signify the vast percentage of Americans who now live on government transfer payments. Get ahold of your very own copy of the Wizard of IZ and determine who is the wizard and how the title IZ came to be, along with all the myriad of other symbolic aspect of the book. Also, check out both of Loren’s previous forays into political parody that focus on Obama and Al Gore.